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Why Use WordPress for Your Business?

WordPress now powers over 16% of the websites on the internet.  In fact, WordPress is currently the most popular CMS in use on the Internet (source).  Why is it so popular and why should it be your first choice in powering your business site? Ease of use [hr] The WordPress user interface is simple and […]

New Addition: Standing Desk

In an effort to reduce time stuck to a chair, I repurposed a storage shelf (originally meant to hold shoes) into a standing desk.  Now I can work standing up for most or all of the day.  Inspired by this article. What other ideas do you have to improve your office ergonomics?

Why You Should Be Blogging

Business owners I talk to are usually reluctant to blog (I know I was until I started).  The excuses can go on and on: I don’t have enough time I don’t know what to write about I don’t think it will do any good Below are four reasons you should start today, no matter how […]

What is a Responsive Website?

Responsive websites are websites that change their formatting based on the size of the browser they are being viewed on.  They change in response to the size of the window, essentially transforming your normal website into one that is mobile ready. The website you are reading is built using responsive techniques.  If viewing this on […]

Search Domain Names and Social Media Handles at One Site

will search domain name availability while also searching for available social media handles for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Youtube.  An added benefit is that is also gives suggestions as you type.  Instead of using Godaddy.com to see if a domain is available, Namevine is a much more powerful tool.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Web Design Specialist

When you look to hire a person or company to build your website, you have a lot of choices: A freelance web designer / A web design company A graphic designer A PR agency A Hybrid SEO, Web Design, Graphic design shop Why is it important that you choose one that is a specialist in web […]

Becoming Mobile Ready

Are you ready for the mobile revolution?  There are a few options when it comes to creating a mobile experience for your customers. Create a standalone mobile website for your business. A mobile website is a separate website that visitors are redirected to when accessing your site from a mobile device.  A standalone mobile website […]

What’s the Acronym: CMS

CMS = Content Management System A content management system is a backend built into your website that allows you to edit pages or posts on your website using a visual editor (somewhat like a Word Document).  A CMS will allow you to edit content in your pages and add posts to your blog, basically giving […]